Rodney is gone now.

Jim Nunn is gone too.

Gone also are former Tory cabinet ministers:

Ron Chisholm, Barry Barnet,  Judy Streatch, Len Goucher,  Mark Parent, David Morse, Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Pat Dunn, and Bill Dooks. And of course Ex-Tory Ernie Fage.

The Tories are gone. And soon Rodney will resign as leader and hopefully from politics.

An era is over.

And not a wet eye in the house.

It’s been a blast commenting on the Tories of the Little Tartan Republic. Rodo McDodo and his merry band of Tories made it easy with all their scandals and bad judgments. They deserve everything they got tonight. Sorry no pity here.

Now it’s Darrell and the Dippers’ turn. And make no mistake there will be plenty to say about them too.

But not here. Not now.

This blog will retire with the Tory government.

Our work here is done.

Good luck to the new government.

Good luck to the Little Tartan Republic.

And good night all.


And it’s a double header:

this could be the end for Sydney Crosby and his Penns.

And it could be the end for Rodney MacDonald and his Tories.

Let’s hope Syd the Kid pulls off another win. Go Penns

And let’s hope the Rodney just disappears from the map. Bye Bye Rodo.

This time tomorrow, we’ll know the winners and the losers.

The most recent poll by Corporate Research Associates has Preem Rodo McDodo in last place for personal popularity.

And his numbers are sliding from 27% popularity three months ago to 20% now.

Way to do Rodo! If you’re going down, you might as well go down big – and in flames.

He ran a unfocused government. Now he’s running a unfocused campaign. Add those two things together and you get a premier on the way out.

Guess the Tory Brain Trust from the PMO overestimated themselves.

Or maybe they alienated the caucus and everyone at the constituency level with overinflated opinions of themselves and that whole “we’re from the PMO” vibe.

Maybe the good people of Little Tartan Republic don’t like seeing the bigshots coming down and telling them how a campaign should be run.

Or perhaps this is exactly how they wanted things to go. Maybe the campaign team was instructed to get rid of Rodo.

You have to wonder with such a spectacularly unsuccessful candidate and a spectacularly unsuccessful campaign. It can’t just be bad luck for them and good luck for the province. It has to be deliberate on some level, either than or divine intervention.

The poll puts the NDP  at 37%, the Liberals at 31% and the Torie 28%. Three percent support the Greens.

Satisfaction with the overall performance of the Tories has plummeted from 54% to 45%.

The show is already an hour late. We’ve already been treated to the Canadian Tenors.

We’re waiting. It’s hot. It’s crowded.

And finally: the announcement.

Ladies and gentlement please welcome: … Rodney MacDonald.

The disappointment was palpable. Rodney? We wanted Bill Clinton.

The applaused couldn’t have been more muted.

Rodney’s introduction was cardboard, uninspiring and not very charming.

Mercifully, Rodney kept it brief. Even more mercifully, he left the stage and the building.

Clinton was inspiring, intelligent, charismatic and charming.

Rodney should have stayed. He has much to learn.

But maybe it’s too late for Rodney now.

Poor Rodney MacDonald. You almost feel sorry for the man.

His desperation grows with each passing day. And his bizarre campaign just keeps getting more bizarre.

Now he is trying to argue that spending the money legally required for the debt represents good leadership.

The reason? Because it was unpopular.

Oh boy.

Rodo, go back to school, man.

They’re bouncing you around like a ping pong ball. They’re making you look like a fool. They want you out of there. They’re hanging you out to dry.

Can you even see it Rodo?

Do have have a clue?

Last thing we remember we were sitting down to watch the NS election leaders debate on TV last night.

Then we fell asleep or into a coma or something.

You’d think with all planning that goes into these things they could come up with something interesting, something to capture the imaginations of Nova Scotians.

Or at least something that will keep us awake.

You know, like a fresh idea or something?

But no, not here in the Little Tartan Republic where banality rules and new ideas are chased out of the room where old politics is still played.

We didn’t expect it would be interesting. We just hoped it wouldn’t put us to sleep.


Check out the new poll results

Turns out Nova Scotians aren’t as stupid as you had them, Rodney.

Turns out that people don’t like it when you flip flop and bounce on trampolines.

Turns out that your campaign team has completely missed the boat.

Turns out that your government is probably going down on June 9th.